Rio Arriba County Substance, Treatment, Outreach and Prevention Program




Mission Statement

To promote alternatives to alcohol and drug misuse and abuse by developing community relationships through coordinating, planning and collaborative efforts. Our vision is to focus on the overall emphasis of the reduction of alcohol and drug related DWI issues.



Program Overview
The Rio Arriba County Substance Treatment Outreach Prevention Program administers programs and services that are designed to reduce the number of alcohol related fatalities throughout Rio Arriba County. We accomplish this mission utilizing funding from the State of New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration, local distribution funds as well as CYFD, Office of Substance Abuse Prevention, Department of Health, Youth Conservation Corps, Partnerships for Success - SAMHSA Grant and Community DWI funds. 

With Rio Arriba County Commission recommendations as well as the County DWI Planning Council, Joint Task Force and our RAYSP Board that serve as a planning and advisory body, funding is utilized strategically to provide an array of educational programs and intervening services to the residents of the Rio Arriba County.     





Program Components

  • Prevention
  • Enforcement - Joint Tasks Force
  • Screening of DWI offenders
  • Compliance Monitoring/Tracking of DWI Offenders
  • Coordination/Planning and Evaluation
  • Public Information and Education
  • Treatment for DWI offenders (Intensive Outpatient Services/After Care)
  • Community Reinforcement for Family Training (CRAFT)
  • Detoxification Incarceration Treatment
  • Juvenile Community Corrections (Working with adjudicated delinquent youth)
  • Intensive Community Monitoring
  • Day Reporting
  • Life Skills: Botvin 
  • Gender Specific Curriculum Groups
  • Council for Boys and Young Men
  • Girls Circle
  • Youth Conservation Corp
  • Success with Adolescent Goals

The components listed above include a separate grant of $200,000 from the Local DWI Grant Program specifically allocated for the operation of an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program. Opportunities for DWI offenders serving mandated jail sentences include individual and group therapeutic sessions focusing on addiction, anger, grief, DWI awareness and prevention as well as gender specific mental health support. The IOT works closely with Magistrate, Municipal, District Family and Tribal Courts in receiving referrals for treatment to steer clients towards their sobriety and other social service programs that can provide further aftercare assistance.

  • Rio Arriba County DWI Prevention Specialists continue to actively provide prevention services within all five public school districts as well as several other private schools, academies, charter schools and the local college. Services consist of information dissemination, educational presentations and group discussions.
  • Rio Arriba County DWI Prevention Specialists continue to actively provide collaborative support to many of the community based events throughout the year within the entire County for example the Victim Impact Panel, Providing Active Parenting of Teens, Project RACE, Hands Across Cultures, which consists of disseminating information on DWI Laws/Penalties, underage drinking material and underage awareness to youth and families. They also provide audio equipment, perform presentations and engage in group discussions.
  • Every year DWI Prevention Specialists, along with volunteer members of the DWI Planning Council/Joint Task Force, meet with counselors at all five school districts: Mesa Vista HS, Espanola Valley HS, McCurdy HS, Escalante HS, Coronado HS and Dulce Independent HS, This allows Prevention Specialists to facilitate The Council for Boys & Young Men, Girls Circle, The Lions Quest Curriculum as well as the Alcohol Literacy Challenge Curricula, Red Ribbon Week Presentations, Bullying Presentations, Success With Adolescent Goals (Sex and Abstinence) Programming to the youth. Prevention also is instrumental in hosting the annual 6-PAC Conference (6th graders promoting alterantive choices) outdoor conference - centered on the Prevention of Underage Drinking. 
  • RAC STOP is also instrumental within the Joint Task Force to conduct DWI Checkpoints, Direct Patrols, Shoulder Tap, Minor Compliance, Sticker Shock Operations, and Alcohol/Tobacco Merchant Education.
  • Thanks to the Grant Funders 

For further information or requesting presentations please contact us between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.



The RAC STOP Director greatly appreciates all the people serving the frontlines of COVID - 19 in essential services as well as the RACSTOP staff.
Thank you for the many hours, commitment and dedication to the families of Rio Arriba County.


Espanola Office: (505) 747-1418

Espanola Ofice Fax: (505) 753-6557



Rio Arriba County, Espanola Office Location: 

Espanola Annex Building 
1101 Industrial Park Road 
Espanola, NM 87532


RAC STOP Director: Louise Sanchez  


Intensive Out Patient Staff: 

Assistant Director: Thedra Martinez

LSCW Clinical Director:

Benefit Enrollment Coordinator: Adrianna Delvo

LADAC: Clarence Goddard 

LMSW: Vacant

CRAFT: Thedra Martinez    


Case Manager: 

Prevention & Alternative Sentencing Staff:

Assistant Director: Nora Lovato, 

Admin. Assistant III: Sofica Casados

Lead Prevention Specialist: Vacant

Prevention Specialist: DeVonne Martinez  

Prevention Specialist: Emanuel Martinez 

Contractor HACC Prevention Specialist: Steven Lovato  

OSAP Coordinator: 

Compliance Monitor Administrative: Jennifer DeVargas 

Case Manager ICM: April Olivas

Day Reporting: Joseph Martinez 

Case Manager JCC & Supervisor YCC: 


"We appreciate the Board of County Commissioners, County Managers, DWI Planning Council/Joint Task Force, RAYSP BOARD, Concha Montano Evaluator and Tina Ruiz as the RAC STOP advisory committee in helping us make a difference in the County, RAC STOP Staff, Concha Montano Evaluator, Tina Ruiz and Diego Lopez, Steven Lovato, Hands Accross Cultures' Staff  you continue to be successful with implementing the scope of work required from each of the grants, working hard and staying dedicated to the youth, families, and communities within Rio Arriba County."

Louise Sanchez

RAC STOP Director


CRAFT / Advanced CRAFT
Community Reinforcement &
Family Training
  • Do you live with a relative or partner who has a substance abuse problem but won't get help?  Would you like help in dealing with this problem?
  • You or the user may be eligible for one of three confidential programs for Rio Arriba County residents.
The CRAFT is a comprehensive behavioral program that teaches families to optimize their impact while avoiding confrontation or detachment. CRAFT methods are evidence-based and provide families with a hopeful, positive, and more effective alternative to addressing substance problems other than intervention programs.  Sessions are 2 hours a week for 7 weeks program, following the end of CRAFT begins the Advanced CRAFT, free of charge.
RAC STOP Clients:
If you cannot make an AA meeting. We are now offerring the SMART RECOVERY Group every Thursaday at noon.  
If you're interested please contact:
Lana Landrum (505) 747-1418
Who Knows
Vision Project in the works completion coming soon to RACSTOP! - Louise Sanchez, RAC STOP Director
Thanks to the following:
Richard Martinez, Former Senator,
Youth Conservation Corp. Youth & Supervisors Javin Coriz.
Rio Arriba County Managers,
Board of County Commissioners,
RAC Roads Department