Truchas Seniors Celebrate Senior Lunch Program Grand Opening!

On July 2, local Truchas Seniors gathered to celebrate the grand opening of the Truchas Senior Lunch Program at the Truchas Senior Center. This will be the first time seniors are provided a fresh in-house, home cooked meal, daily, free of charge in that area.

Fifty to 60 seniors listened as RAC Commissioner Barney Trujillo welcomed them to the event. “Thank you all for joining us today…After listening to the community’s wants and concerns during several town hall meetings, we were finally able to hire a cook for this center specifically, to assure this center would stay alive and active,” Commissioner Trujillo said. “Now, we are counting on you to do your part and assure that numbers at the center are maintained in order to keep the center active.” According to the commissioner, this is the start of future initiatives for healthcare events, recreation activities and more. Commissioner Trujillo said if numbers do not stay up, the center could risk losing their cook.

Speakers also included Congressman Ben Ray Lujan, Senator Udall Representative Bianca Ortiz Wertheim, Assistant RAC Manager David Trujillo and new RAC Senior Programs Director Juan Lopez.

“Congratulations to you all and to Rio Arriba County for the great work they perform,” Congressman Lujan said.

Ortiz Wertheim read aloud a letter from Senator Udall also congratulating the County and citizens for assuring that the center would now provide nutritious, home cooked meals. Udall’s message also included recognition for Commissioner Trujillo for actively seeking the needs of his constituents through town hall meetings and citizens for attending those meetings and voicing their needs.  Ortiz Wertheim went on to read, “Truchas is truly inspiring and should be a lesson to all of us in Washington D.C. In light of the economy and current budget constraints, the senior lunch program that we celebrate today reflects the tenacity and determination of community leaders here in Truchas.”

RAC officials, Trujillo and Lopez both spoke on the importance of preserving the health and wellbeing of seniors and the County’s continuation to assure centers provided a sense of community and comfort.

Once speeches were over, guests enjoyed a free lunch, which included red chile enchiladas, pinto beans, salad and fresh whole wheat bread rolls. A dance followed.

-Erika L. Martinez, July 2013