Santa Fe Boys and Girls Club Takes Over Rio Arriba Locations 

The Boys and Girls Club (B&GC) del Norte, with locations in Abiquiu and Chimayo, has now been taken over by the Santa Fe Boys and Girls Club administrative staff. According to Roman Abeyta, Chief Professional Officer for the Santa Fe chapter, this step has allowed Rio Arriba citizens the opportunity to keep the club running locally.

“By being a stand alone club, like Del Norte, you have to pay for an auditor, book keeper, and Executive Director.  Santa Fe took over the two clubs so that these costs would be eliminated and the clubs would be able to continue to exist for the families in Rio Arriba County,” Abeyta stated.

The B&GC now offers an all-day, summer recreation program, which according to Abeyta, had not been possible for several years because of costs. Abeyta said that the B&GC has several different sources of revenue, which include membership dues, grants, individual donors, fund raising events and government support.  

“Santa Fe County and Rio Arriba County both support our programs,” said Abeyta. “They contribute assistance with our State Legislature by agreeing to provide us facilities to use as clubs and also support in lobbying for grants and other funds.”

B&GC allows for children between the ages of 5 and 12 to participate.  There is a $150.00 fee per year to be a member.  Membership includes access to both the after school program and summer recreation program.  There is no deadline for registration.  Families can register at any time by visiting and filing out an on-line application; they can also pick up and fill out an application at any one of the B&GC locations.  

“We are extremely thankful for the support from Rio Arriba County.  Their help will contribute to operating the all day summer recreation programs at Chimayo and Abiquiu,” said Abeyta. “As a youth serving non-profit organization, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Santa Fe/Del Norte would not be able to exist without local government support.  Rio Arriba County's willingness to collaborate with the Boys and Girls Clubs is a reflection of the county commissioner’s commitment to the families who live in their communities.  By partnering with us they are making an investment in Rio Arriba County's children's lives.”  

-Erika L. Martinez , June 2013