Public Information


Department Purpose: The goal of this work is to improve and maintain the transparency, accountability and inclusiveness of the government institution of Rio Arriba County.

Mission Statement:
 To utilize effective communication within Rio Arriba County (RAC) through dedication, loyalty and ethics by developing and strategically dispersing important, newsworthy information within the County internally and externally to employees, media and the public, while keeping in mind the best interest of County Government and taxpayers. To assure the public is informed about the activities of RAC by utilizing television, radio, social and print media. 

The Rio Arriba County Public Information Officer (PIO) is housed in the Office of the County Manager and works with the Board of County Commissioners and management to develop and implement effective and strategic communication tactics. This department coordinates all media relations, crises communications, publications and website content. The PIO also acts as the spokesperson for the county, as well as assists in promoting and coordinating all public County events for over 20 departments. This office is also responsible for all news releases, newsletters, website news, social media, brochures and community meetings (for management and the BOCC), all used to inform the public of county dealings, changes, notices and updates. 

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Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Address and Contact Information:

1122 Industrial Park Road

Española, NM 87532

Phone: (505) 753-2992