ConocoPhillips Partners with Local Entities for Educational Endeavors

During the past few months Rio Arriba County (RAC) has been working closely with ConocoPhillips to provide assistance for local community and educational initiatives. Thus far, ConocoPhillips has issued a $12,000 grant to a local charter school in Alcalde, hosted internationally known motivational speaker Alvin Law in several school districts throughout the county and is now in the middle of a collaboration with the Española School District and Northern New Mexico College (NNMC) to host the first-ever Energy Day, an extension of an event called Energy Week.

Energy Week has been hosted by Conoco Phillips in San Juan County to provide a fun and educational opportunity for youth to learn about the oil and gas industry. From the expertise it takes to weld the tools used for drilling, to the science it takes to explore the land, ConocoPhillips assures that students begin to get educated at a young age to help promote for a future work force. During the yearly event, which takes place at the Farmington Museum, industry experts provide a hands-on demonstration of heavy equipment used for drilling and extracting oil. The museum also features several demos and activities geared towards oil and gas, which hundreds of students get to experience.   

RAC began to meet with ConocoPhillips to identify these opportunities and also to act as a catalyst to initiate relationships between Conoco Phillips and other local entities. “The importance of these partnerships is crucial to several future successes of our citizens,” said RAC Assistant Manager David Trujillo. “We must be able to identify what partners we have and how we can all work together to take care of our youth and our communities as a whole. To have a partner like Conoco Phillips work with us to educate our young people and to prepare them for a successful future career will be one more way in which we invest in community. We are happy to see NNMC and the Española School District be as enthusiastic as we are.”    

“We would like to thank Rio Arriba County for getting all the important entities to the table to discuss this great initiative,” said Frank Santiago, Stakeholder Engagement Advisor for ConocoPhillips. “We look forward to maintaining partnerships as we continue to develop more initiatives in the future.”

Partners are currently discussing the details, but have estimated the event will take place around April or May of 2014 at the NNMC campus. They have also discussed approaching more districts in the future to host the event countywide. 

-Erika L. Martinez, October 2013