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Welcome to the Rio Arriba County Probate Court.

The Rio Arriba County Probate Court is a lower-level Court created by the New Mexico Constitution and State Law serving the residents and property owners of Rio Arriba County.

The Probate Court is a court of “Limited Jurisdiction,” meaning that state law limits the types of cases that the Probate Judge can oversee. Cases within the Probate Court jurisdiction include informal and undisputed Probate matters.



  • The Probate Judge holds a County Elected Official position serving four-year terms.
  • The Rio Arriba County Clerk’s Office serves as the Clerk to the Probate Court.
  • Our Court is located in the Rio Arriba County Administration Complex.

Probate Court Office Hours

  • The Rio Arriba County Probate Court is taking Customers by appointment only. Appointments are to be made directly with the Judge and at the Judge’s discretion after a review of the case and circumstances.
  • Customers should contact the Probate Judge by phone or email to request an appointment. Members of the public should be aware that the Probate Court is open PART-TIME by state law, so the Probate Judge cannot respond to requests immediately.
  • Customers should also be aware that the County Clerks do not make appointments for the Judge nor do the Clerks manage the Court’s schedule. For any urgent matters or emergencies, it is recommended that Customers seek the advice of a licensed attorney.

    For alternative services please contact the Rio Arriba County District Court.

    Española 505-753-2992

    Tierra Amarilla 575 588-7254 


A good first step in determining if a probate is necessary or how to handle a decedent’s estate is to make time to visit with the Probate Judge, which costs nothing. While the Probate Judge and Clerks cannot provide legal advice, the Probate Court is a convenient first step to getting general information about the process and the forms.

Legal Documents

The Probate Judge also cannot provide legal documents such as Wills, Deeds, or Contracts and will often recommend that you consult with an attorney for complex or specific estate issues and draft all legal documents for you. The Probate Court has information for state and local legal resources and information


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Physical Address

1122 Industrial Park Road

Española, NM 87532



149 Sate Rd. 162

Tierra Amarilla, N M 87575



Española 505-753-2992

Tierra Amarilla 575 588-7254




The Probate Court is a Part-Time Office and the Judge has limited hours of operation.

Cases and Correspondence are reviewed by the Judge on Mondays and Wednesdays.