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In 1997, upon discovering a growing and seemingly localized opioid epidemic Rio Arriba County established the Rio Arriba Health and Human Services (RAHHS), the first county-run health and human services department in the state of New Mexico. It serves all county residents, but staff specifically reach out to individuals experiencing substance use disorder who have survived overdose at the local hospital, and to individuals presenting with opioid use disorder (OUD) who are identified at the jail, by law-enforcement, or before a court.


RAHHS has led innovative programs and ways of providing services to the community where jail diversion is at every intercept point through a county-led network of provider agencies connected through outcome-based case management. 


The department developed county capacity to support Adult Day Care, substance and opioid use disorder treatment and case management through Medicaid.


RAHHS Programs & Services

 Justice Involved Services

  • LEAD
  • RROE
  • RISE

Mental & Behavioral


Youth & Family Services

Evidence based practice

Rio Arriba Adult Day Care Facility and Senior Services
We have partnered with Rio Arriba Senior Programs to expand programming, clinical oversight and wrap-around services for ambulatory disabled residents of RAC. Participants are offered opportunities to socialize, eat breakfast and lunch, play games, exercise, go on outings, participate in arts and crafts, receive educational information, and care coordination services. Participants are assessed to develop an individualized service plan that works for them.
During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have offered masks, information and coordinated pandemic response with testing and vaccines accesibility.
For more information, contact Benefits Enrollment Coordinator/Adult Day Care Director Lyle L. Lomayma at 505-747-7780, to email him, click here.


 RACHC is the designated Health and Human Services planning council for the Board of Rio Arriba County Commissioners. The Health Council and its taskforce include health care planning, resource development, pandemic response, behavioral health resource development, legislative advocacy and health education. The council meets every third Thursday of the month. For more information, email RAHHS Director Lauren Reichelt




Pathways: an outcomes-based approach to improving health care 

For more than a decade, Rio Arriba County has used Pathways Care Coordination, an outcomes-based chronic disease management service delivery model. This model works to mitigate social factors that influence a patient's ability to manage their disease, which treats the patient as a whole person with a chronic condition- not unlike diabetes or heart disease - and is shown to lead to better overall outcomes. RAHHS is the first in the nation to use this specific model of intensive case management to treat OUD.


Rio Arriba Case Management and Outreach Services is nationally recognized by the federal government as a model for rural health care delivery. 


RAC is one of about twenty counties across the nation piloting an innovative approach to case management that holds case managers accountable for producing positive health outcomes rather than for producing specific units of service.


For the last few decades, insurance companies have paid providers for producing specific units of service such as tests, immunizations or CAT scans, regardless of the impact of these units of service on the overall health of the individual being served. The result is a lot of unnecessary procedures and poorer health. RAC is one of the few providers in the country that judges its case managers on their ability to improve patients’ health. 


We provide intensive case management for the following groups:

1) High risk pregnancies;

2) Frequent users of the emergency room;

3) Community members who are overusing alcohol and other drugs.


Our case managers help community members find the services that are right for them.


The Northern New Mexico Rural Health Network

is a network of behavioral health, medical and social service providers in Rio Arriba and Taos counties including the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos and Jicarilla Apache Nation that provide community members with the services needed to prevent, treat and recover from substance use disorder and opioid use disorder.


The opioid use & substance use reduction network centers communities directly impacted guiding them through harm reduction to residential and after care treatment among other services. Community members in need of services get helped creating an individualized plan that serves their specific needs.










RAC HHS AmeriCorps VISTA Opioid and Outreach Project;

4th year VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) members serve with our department and partner agencies within the county promoting resources for the opioid epidemic and supporting the agency’s services to the community.


Members serve as capacity builders within sites, gaining real life experiences and skills in giving back to the community while earning benefits.


Benefits and Professional Development gained while serving AmeriCorps are long term in affording members End of Service Awards (education or cash), and Non-Competitive Eligibility, a unique hiring path that makes it easier for federal agencies to hire alumni members.


AmeriCorps members work with the community to create sustainable solutions to improve people's lives. For service opportunities, please call AmeriCorps Coordinator, Stephanie Gonzales at 505-753-2992 ext 5430



Case Managers

Sixto Aguirre

Edwina Romero

Mona Serna-Leal



Benefit Enrollment Coordinator &

Adult Day Care Director

Lyle Lomayma

Adult Day Care

Judy Montoya



Clinical Director 

Shaia D’Orso

Assistant Clinical Director 




Noelle Simmons

Mukta Khalsa

Special Projects Coordinator

 Carolyn Gamiao

AmeriCorps Coordinator

 Stephanie Gonzales

Administrative Assistant

Erin Martinez

Communications Specialist 

Marina Pina

Compliance Monitor Tracker 

Krista Meastas



Isabel Mendez-Guzman

Destiny Vigil

Mandie Vigil-Baca

Tyra Marquez

Carolina Palomino

Katrina Padilla


External Resources

Northern New Mexico Resource Directory

El Centro Family Health 


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Executive Director Lauren Reichelt

Lauren Reichelt, Director of Health & Human Services at Rio Arriba County

RAHHS Department  

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