Rio Arriba County Department of Health and Human Services


 The Health Commons is an innovative, state of the art, one-stop shop designed to meet all of your health care needs in one easy trip.  The building is divided into three wings: a medical wing; a behavioral health wing; and a maternal child health wing. Rio Arriba Health and Human Services Department shares the space with El Centro Family Health (a primary care clinic), and the Espanola Public Health Office (serving mothers and infants).

You can reach us by phone at (505) 753-3143. Our fax number is (505) 753-1769. Individual staff email are listed below.


Health Commons Conference Room

The Rio Arriba Health Commons Conference Room is available for public use for meetings of benefit to the community. To book the room, check the online calendar for availability. Call RAHHS at (505) 753-3143 to schedule the room. Priority use is given to the three agencies in the building. Meetings may be cancelled for use by EMS for Emergency Response purposes on rare occasions.


Rio Arriba Community Health Council

 The Rio Arriba Community Health Council is the designated Health and Human Services planning council for the Board of Rio Arriba County Commissioners . The RACHC maintains a regularly updated Comprehensive Community Health Profile  and plan. Learn more about RACHC activities through its webpage and blog. The RACHC is coordinated by RAHHS Director, Lauren Reichelt. For more info call our office.

The Rio Arriba Food Policy Council

While Rio Arriba is the only county in the US to be zoned entirely for agriculture and while it produces more farmers than any other New Mexico county, it is listed as a food desert by the Robert Wood Johnson County Rankings. The RAFPC meets to explore ways to develop local markets for locally grown foods, to make farming attractive to youth and viable for adults, and to make nutrition a priority for Rio Arribans. The RAFPC is coordinated by Sarah Laeng-Gilliat. For more info call our office.

Rio Arriba Youth Service Providers

 Rio Arriba Youth Service Providers regularly convenes people who serve youth and individuals involved in the justice system to think about ways to make Rio Arriba County a wonderful place for youth to live. RAYSP has brought services including wrap-around case management into the schools to insure that youth in need are not youth left out. The RAYSP is coordinated by Jack Ortega. For more info, call our office.

Judge Mary Marlowe Sommers, RAYSP Chair

Jack Ortega, RAYSP Coordinator

Pathways: an outcomes-based approach to improving health care 

Rio Arriba Case Management and Outreach Services is nationally recognized by the federal government as a model for rural health care delivery. Read about our services on the Agency for Health Research and Quality (AHRQ) Innovations Exchange Website.

Rio Arriba County is one of about twenty counties across the nation piloting an innovative approach to case management that holds case managers accountable for producing positive health outcomes rather than for producing specific units of service. For the last few decades, insurance companies have paid providers for producing specific units of service such as tests, immunizations or CAT scans, regardless of the impact of these units of service on the overall health of the individual being served. The result is a lot of unnecessary procedures and poorer health. Rio Arriba County is one of the few providers in the country that judges its case managers on their ability to improve patients’ health. 

We provide intensive case management for the following groups of people: 1) high risk pregnancies; 2) frequent users of the emergency room; 3) individuals who are overusing alcohol and other drugs. Our case managers help clients find the services that are right for them.



Rio Arriba Adult Day Care Facility
Rio Arriba HHS has partnered with Rio Arriba Senior Programs to expand programming, clinical oversight and wrap-around services for ambulatory disabled residents of Rio Arriba County. RAHHS provides clinical oversight of the program through Amber Leichtle, LISW. Participants are offered opportunities to socialize, eat breakfast and lunch, play games, exercise, go on outings, participate in arts and crafts, receive educational information, and care coordination services. Participants are assessed and an individualized service plan is developed for them. 

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Walking Healthy Paths: A recreation and food Resource Guide for Rio Arriba families

Northern New Mexico Resource Directory

Rio Arriba Health Commons

2010 Industrial Park Road
Espanola, NM 87532
505 753-3143


Lauren Reichelt Health and Human Services Director 


Espanola Office:

Amber Leichtle, Director of Case Management 

Edwina Romero, Secretary III

Melissa Martinez, Case Management II

Trudy Duran, – Promotora I

Edward Dunaway, – Promotora II

Erin Martinez,– Case Manager

Gloria Romero, - Casual

Consultants to the Department:
John Garland, Counseling and Substance Abuse Treatment i2i Institue, Evaluation

Stephen Poe, Planning, Facilitation, Resource Development

Ortiz Systems Integration, Information Technology Specialists

Barry Geller, Website Development and Maintenance

Margaret Campos, Food Council Coordinator

Jack Ortega, RAYSP Coordinator

Community Volunteers:
Lore Pease, RACHC President

Brenda Romero, RACHC Vice-President

Delfinia Romero, RACHC, Secretary