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One of my visions as your County Clerk is to preserve the records (books) in the Clerk's office. I am proud to say we just got 5 of our books back from Kofile Technologies. A special thank you to Eugene Sisneros for helping us get this done. Here are some photos.  Before and after.  This Old book pictured, contains Marriage Records from 1884 - 1905








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PLEASE NOTE - If you need to have a document recorded and you are sending it through the US Post Office, Fed Ex or UPS , we are requesting you include a self-addressed stamped envelope so that we may return your original documents to you once they are processed by my office.  We apologize for any inconvenience, however due to budget restraints we are unable to continue to provide this service.


The 3rd Annual Regional Leadership Summit was held at the Hernandez Community Center on June 14th. What a great meeting!! It was wonderful to collaborate with all the entities present.













La Matanza de Española 2017

La Matanza De Española 2017 .......

We really enjoyed our time at the Española Community Matanza -  Thank you for inviting the Rio Arriba County Clerk's office to participate.  A special thank you to Monique Vigil, La Reina de Española  and Ralph Martinez, Don Juan de Oñate y Salazar.  My staff and I had a wonderful time. 

Sincerely,  Linda J. Padilla, Clerk

With me are Renee Baker - Chief Deputy, Sarah Garcia, Desiree Wade and Daniel Archuleta.  



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Employee of the Quarter  


-________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My office has started an "Employee of the Quarter" based on each of my employee’s ability to do their job with enthusiasm, pleasantness, professionalism and good old fashion hard work.  As you know my office is very important to me and I depend on my staff to give you, our customers, the very best service.  This quarter, I would like to highlight the outstanding job done by Mr. Jonathan Coriz.  Jonathan started working with the Rio Arriba County Clerk's office when he was just 17 years old; right out of high school.  His first job was only part time as a casual unclassified employee.  He woked very hard and after three months he became a Clerk Tech I and was hired on full time.  Jonathan has done an outstanding job.  Congratulations Jonathan on a "Job Well Done".  Linda J. Padilla


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To better serve our constituents we have begun to scan in all our microfilm.   Documents will be easier to access through our Tyler system at both Española and Tierra Amarilla.  Viewable documents include: oil and gas, deeds, mortgages, affidavits, liens and release of liens, trusts, wills and other miscellaneous recordings.     




The duties of the County Clerk.

  • Maintaining Public Records
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Elections
  • Clerk for the Probate Court
  • Ex-Officio Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners

Two Locations:

   Tierra Amarilla Office:

     Tierra Amarilla Court House 
     7 Main Street Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico 87575 
     Phone:575-588-7724 Fax:575-588-7418


Mail to: P.O. Box 158, Tierra Amarilla, NM 87575 or

submit your documents electronically through



Española Office:
     Rio Arriba County Annex
     1122 Industrial Park Road
     Española, New Mexico 87532
     Phone: 505-753-1780 Fax: 505-753-1258

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RAC Precinct Maps Commission - District 1

RAC Precinct No. 1

RAC Precinct No. 3

RAC Precinct No. 4

RAC Precinct No. 6

RAC Precinct No. 9

RAC Precinct No. 12

RAC Precinct No. 13

RAC Precinct No. 14 map

RAC Precinct No. 15

RAC Precinct No. 16

RAC Precinct No. 17

RAC Precinct No. 38

RAC Precinct No. 40

RAC Precinct No. 45 EV


RAC Precinct Maps Commission -  District  2

RAC Precinct No. 2

RAC Precinct No. 5

RAC Precinct No. 7

RAC Precinct No. 8

RAC Precinct No. 10

RAC Precinct No. 11

RAC Precinct No. 36

RAC Precinct No. 37

RAC Precinct No. 41

RAC Precinct No. 47-EV

RAC Precinct No. 48-EV

RAC Precinct Maps Commission -  District 3

RAC Precinct No. 18

RAC Precinct No.19

RAC Precinct No. 20

RAC Precinct No. 21

RAC Precinct No. 22

RAC Precinct No. 23

RAC Precinct No. 24

RAC Precinct No. 25

RAC Precinct No. 26

RAC Precinct No. 27

RAC Precinct No. 28

RAC Precinct No. 30

RAC Precinct No. 31

RAC Precinct No. 32

RAC Precinct No. 33

RAC Precinct No. 34

RAC Precinct No. 35

RAC Precinct No. 39

RAC Precinct No. 42

RAC Precinct No. 43-ABS

RAC Precinct No. 44-EV

RAC Precinct No. 46-EV


  • On Oil and Gas documents, we record the Assignor or Lessor as Grantor's and Assignees or Lessee's as Grantee's.  Please call the Clerks office to get a quote on the document as costs will vary based on number of indexes.  We also charge for well names within the Rio Arriba County.


  • For recording information, marriage license information and other questions regarding the Clerk's Office click here: Frequently asked Questions & Answers
  • NOTE: Copies of marriage licenses are available from the County Clerk of the county where the marriage license was issued. Copies of divorce decrees are available from the District Court where the court order was filed.   For further information about these services, please contact the appropriate county clerk or district court. Rio Arriba County District Court is the First Judicial District Court




  • Clerk's will not conduct searches (They can provide a list of local abstract and title companies upon request).
  • Clerk's cannot give legal advice on whether the documents you want recorded are correct, complete, or legally sufficient for your purposes (Please see an Attorney).
  • The Clerk's will assist you in any other way possible.  We are here to record and file your documents as public record and maintain them for your future use.

Election and Voting Information/Links:


 Not sure if you are registered? 

Look up your Voter Informtion, Military and Overseas Voter Information, Register to Vote or Request An Absentee Ballot

111    VoterView.

It is a good time to make sure you are registered to vote and or to make any updates to your voter information.  If the county or city has changed your physical address or if you have had a change in your mailing/physical address; your voter registration information can only be updated by you completing a new voter registration application.



Would you like to serve as an ELECTION WORKER on the Precinct Board.  Rio Arriba County Clerk’s Office is always accepting Interested Election Worker Forms from individuals that want to serve on the Precinct Board.

If you would you like to be an Election Worker please click on the link below to get information on how to become an Election Worker.



Click for more information provided by the New Mexico Secretary of State’s Office, click here:


FEDERAL Voting Assistance Program

Voting assistane for Service members, their families and overseas citizens.  Click Here:

To request Voter Registration Information/Lists an affidavit must be completed and submitted to the Clerk’s Office. Click the link for the required form: Voter Data Request

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